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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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The Assoc. of Golf Clubfitting Professionals is home to some of the best custom club fitters in the world!
We are also a PCA, a Professional Clubmakers Association.

Dedicated to improving golfers enjoyment of the game & ability to play better by educating and certifying

Professional Clubfitters & Clubmakers around the world

We have some of the best clubfitters in the world.

If you want a better set of custom fitted golf clubs and you want to play better golf then

Look on our Directory page to find an AGCP Certified Clubfitter near you. 

Be sure to see our supporters, they are listed at the bottom of the page.

To apply for Certification you must be Gold Level member in good standing for more than 1 year 

Gold Level AGCP members can take the Clubfitters Exam at any time and receive a Certificate of Achievement suitable for framing upon successful completion of the examination.

The Clubfitters Exam is a pre requisite for the Certification Test.

Start Your Certification Process

  • You can learn to be a clubmaker or clubfitter online. 

  • Instruction Online by Master Certified builders and clubfitters.

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Wow! I am really impressed with this new driver! It is longer than the Ping! I went out this afternoon (in all that muggy heat) and played 18 by myself to check it out. It punches that ball out there and straight, too! I only hit one pull and I was trying to make it happen. I hit three balls off 18 tee and two were straight down the middle and the pull went just went down the left side and turned over right into the fairway. And the pull went about 10 yards further than the straight ones!

Seriously, this driver is wonderful! Easy to hit. On number one, the first time I hit it ( I didn't go to the driving range -- too hot) I went out there a long ways, in fact, the 4 wood is what I usually hit for the second shot. I decided to use the 7 wood and that left me 140 to the green. I hit the new 5 hybrid (severe uphill) and that left me about 10 feet from the hole. Overall, I couldn't be happier! Thanks for your patience and skill in putting the clubs together for me!


Benfit from Custom Fitting

  • Take Your Game to a new Level
  • Lower Scores with your new clubs are sure to follow.
  • With a custom fit golf clubs your days at the golf course will be more fun and enjoyable.

The Dana

The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals holds annual convention that has developed some great traditions in the 13 years of it’s existence.
* Because of the Covid-19 this years convention was cancel.  Watch for information for next years convention.

Info on Past Conventions

When you join the AGCP as a Golf Level member you will have access to nearly 15 years or 300 hours of videos of our conference classes. AGCP Masters, Level 9 & 10 members, Industry experts, Company owners, Engineers, Rocket Scientists, PGA Master Teachers and even Orthopedic Surgeons explaining everything from fitting, clubs assembly, shaft design, head design, the golf swing and how the body functions during a golf swing.

Conferences are noted for thier on going education after the classes end in the conference rooms of hotels. Many attendees go on until the wee hours of the night discussing the daily classes. Get to know their mentors in person.

Golfers that AGCP members fit custom clubs for
hit more fairways, hit more greens in regulation, and score lower!

For Clubmakers, Clubfitters, Golf Professionals...

If you want to be the best you can be at what you do, you need to join and share in the Mastermind alliance with the other AGCP members. See: The Mastermind Principle

The AGCP is the home of some the best clubfitters & club builders in the world who are willing to share their techniques and secrets with you when you join at the  highest level.

The AGCP membership at the highest level is the ultimate experience for clubfitters and clubmakers who want to learn to excel at their craft, those who want to grow and expand their business, and those who want to increase profits through peer coaching.

We have an email list that operates 24/7/365 for clubmakers around the world. Our motto is "There are no dumb questions" because we have members from beginners to Masters and our purpose is to help all members be the best they can be. Never be afraid to ask any question you have at any time.

It isn't a social forum, it's a professional forum. No jokes, no politics, only discussions about golf clubs from club building to clubfitting and about how to run a business. Join us today!

For Golfers we offer you some of the best clubfitters in the world. Click on our GOLFERS category in the menu to find a lot of information for golfers to help you play better golf.

Take advantage of their knowledge. Don't let their decades of learning go to waste. Use our member locator maps to find an AGCP member near you and contact him. He will be happy to help you find a better golf game.

Car companies advertise they use technology to make cars that perform better.

NASCAR teams engineer cars to fit the needs of their drivers. Suspension is adjusted to make the car drive the way each driver wants it to drive and to his ability. Brake pedals, clutch pedals and acceleration pedals are adjusted to the drivers preference and seats are custom molded to fit the drivers body. Engines, transmissions, rear ends, brakes, and all mechanics on the cars are adjusted for each individual driver. They are the best cars in the world for the driver tasked to dive them in each race.

Golf companies advertise they use technology to make clubs that perform better.

AGCP members do the same with golf clubs that NASCAR teams do with cars.

AGCP members are trained to engineer a golf club or set of golf clubs to fit the individual golfers ability. The length, the weight, the flex, the lofts  and lies of each club is adjusted to fit the golfer who is going to use them. Contact your nearest AGCP fitter for the best to golf experience of your life.

For Clubmakers and Clubfitters Discover the Wonderful Benefits of Peer Coaching! See CLUBMAKERS

Just getting started in your clubfitting or club building business? Not sure what to do about a particular problem you’ve encountered? Imagine sending out one email and having some of the best clubfitters and clubmakers in the world giving you advice, almost instantly.

Yes, you will have access to AGCP Masters of Technology, Golf Digest’s 100 Best Clubfitters and a whole host of other members who have been doing this for up to 40 years or more as your trusted advisors. All ready and willing to answer your questions. No matter how minor you thing your question is they take it seriously because they too have been there in their career at some time in the past.    

Are you a club maker or clubfitter?  

  • …do you want to help your golfers shoot lower scores?
  • …do you want to know more about clubfitting?
  • …do you want to know more about clubmaking?

How to Get Certification

AGCP Member Certification is based on 10 Levels of qualification. Qualification requirements are designed to allow potential customers to judge the members knowledge, experience, education and the equipment the member has in their shop so they can judge the quality and extent of services offered by the member. 

How to Join

There are several level you can select to join AGCP.   When you join you will have access to our extensive library of material and videos to meet the requirements to be a certified clubfitter and clubmaker. Our Gold Level members able to communicate around the clock exchanging information about the latest techniques and equipment. From beginners to Masters, we all share.

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If you would like to make a donation to the AGCP to help support professional clubfitting and our members. Please use the form below. Any annual donation of $100 or more, we will list you or your logo above. Thanks

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