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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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AGCP Sponsor Benefits

The AGCP offers our sponsors many benefits. In addition to access to approximately 200+ members on our website we give you a lot of exposure on our website.

We offer a page with your contact information listed with all other sponsors

We offer a separate page for you to put you products or your advertising and explain who and what you are and what your products do.

We also offer a rotating slider on the lower part of the front page with your logo and information.

As a sponsor you have the ability to come to our annual RT Convention and speak to the attendees about your products and display them.

In addition the AGCP is subscribed to The Golf Wire and we will post a mention of you when you sign up as a sponsor of the AGCP which gets you a lot of exposure in the golf community.

We also subscribe you to the website Forum so that you can communicate to members and the public. Because we have added a section under our menu for golfers now in addition to clubmakers and clubfitters we will have a broader reach beyond just clubmakers and clubfitters who are members of the AGCP.

In short, we are going to get you a lot of exposure for your products not only with our members but with golfers around the world also.

So, if you are not an AGCP Sponsor already be sure and jump over to our pricing page and sign up today.

While you are here you might as well sign up for the RT, our annual convention and come see us this fall.

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