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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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The Permanent AGCP staff:

AGCP Staff


We receive a great deal of volunteer help from our members throughout the year, especially during the annual AGCP RT convention. Special mention for many years of helpful service goes to:

        • Keith Chatham
        • Dave Kenzie
        • Dave Hohnke
        • Tony Wright
        • Bob Uebelhor
        • Jim Holley
        • Bill Marshall

If you have question you can call the office:
Office: 706-507-0095

Or send us an email.

We  have a number of membership options: Gold Level members, Silver Level who get most of the benefits as the Gold but not the member email list, Bronze who get some benefits as club makers and golfers who want to learn to be better club makers or clubfitters, and the golfers who want to learn more about improving their game. We have a plan for every budget and every need including our Free Web members.

We do not have a full time AGCP staff, other than me. Linda works full time as the owner of the family Printing Business as does David. If you call the office she may have to call you back so please leave a detailed message. The person answering the phone will be her or David unless the recording in the office is on.

We often check our email more than we check our phone message so using email might be the quickest way to contact us. We are also more likely to check email after business hours when we have more time to contact you abut you may not get a reply until the following day.

There are a number of different options for joining the AGCP and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you any way we can.

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