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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Certified Clubfitters

The AGCP has some of the very best custom clubfitters (club fitters) in the world. Our club makers produce only the best custom golf clubs from the highest quality custom components. Our boutique brands are some of t he best club designs in the world, bar none. If you need a custom driver, a set of custom irons, custom fairways, hybrids, or wedges our AGCP certified custom club fitters and clubmakers can satisfy your needs.

If you love golf clubs and you want to be a club maker, custom clubfitter and you want the best training in the world join our organization. Our member only email list is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to answer your questions and help you learn. Our RT Convention is going on 15 years old now and each fall we gather in Columbus, Georgia for 3 or 4 days and spend all of our waking hours in class or in the conference room of the hotel discussing custom fitting, custom building and all aspects of operating a business. You get to meet some of the best in the world and have them as mentors all year long by simply picking up the phone or sending an email, or test message.

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I guess the best way is to look around and find someone who has a set of custom clubs and get recommendations. Most professional clubfitters do not advertise much and depend on word of mouth advertising. If they are good word will spread about the results their customers get. Sometimes slowly, but it will spread.

There is a story about a clubfitter who built a whole set of clubs for a customer and didn’t hear from the customer for almost a year after the first response from him about how many shots he shaved off his handicap. Then he got a call one day from the customer to inform him that the other 3 golfers in his foursome would be calling for appointments. It seems that after getting his new clubs the golfer was so successful in winning the weekly bets he didn’t want to upset his success so he didn’t tell his friends why his game had improved so much. But eventually the adjustments caught up with him and it no longer mattered if they knew. So he told them about the clubfitter at that point. All three called for appointments and all three got new sets of clubs.

Next, look for a clubfitter with clubfitter certifications from the AGCP or other recognized organizations. Certifications require clubfitters to have 5 years or more of clubfitting experience and taking a comprehensive written test. Some require building clubs that are built to rigid custom specifications.

Also look for a clubfitter that attends annual conventions for their organization. These are the real dedicated clubfitters. They are studying clubfitting 24/7/365 and can’t learn enough. They are usually equipped with the latest high tech equipment for testing and their building skills are second to none.

You might find one in a retail store but they are very rare. Most do not have the dedication needed and do not get the training that they will get in a true clubfitters association. Ask for their certifications and where they got them. If they do not have certifications and they are not a member of one of the clubfitters organizations like the AGCP I would steer clear and find someone who is. Chance are they are simply going to fit you into what they have on the shelf rather than build you a custom set in the store.

Many of the best fitters in the country are not found in retail situations but at their home. Since they only do fittings and build clubs they do not need a high rent retail location. They work from home.

They do not sell shoes, shirts, or all the other retail store items, they specialize in fitting and building custom golf clubs. So don’t be surprised if you are invited to their home where their fitting studio is. AGCP clubfitters work from Golf Courses, Driving Ranges, Retail Stores, and from their homes. Regardless of where they work most are equipped with a Trackman, or a FlightScope or similar type device that will measure all the necessary elements of your golf swing for a complete professional club fitting. They will have test heads and test shafts for you to test with to find the best possible shaft and the best possible head design for your game. It is all about finding what works for your swing and athletic ability. They will be able to determine how many fairways or hybrids, or a combination as well as what irons and wedges you need in your bag as well as test for and build a putter that matches you. They will also have a fully equipped workshop with all the necessary electronic equipment to profile shafts and build to MOI or MBI specifications in addition to swing weight.

A few questions you might ask to determine if you have a qualified clubfitter might be.

  1. How will you determine the best shaft flex for my game?
  2. How will you help me be more accurate with my driver?
  3. How can you help me get more distance with my driver?

The best answers are:

  1. I will look at what you have and measure your shafts to see what you have, and ask you some questions about the results you are getting with them. I let you hit test clubs while I look at your swing and measure the results. From the testing I will be able to determine the proper flex distribution for you in terms of the 3 critical areas of the shaft. What butt flexibility, midsection flexibility, and tip flexibility matches with your swing speed and swing mechanics to allow you to maximize your ability to hit your best shots with all clubs.
  2. After testing and a few questions about your game I will be able to determine the best shaft weight, length, flex, swingweight or MOI, and from that recommend the best head design, loft, face angle, and grip size for you.
  3. From the testing above we will correct any problems with your current driver and put you in the best possible driver for you to maximize your distance while maintaining consistency, and center of the face contact. We will be sure you have the right length, total weight, flex profile, loft for maximum accuracy and distance.

Answers that will signal you should hang up and walk away might be.

  1. I’ll watch you hit a few balls and I will be able to tell from experience what you will need.
  2. If you are not accurate, you probably need lessons. But come by anyway and I’ll take a look at your swing.
  3. You might just need a longer driver or less loft to get more distance.

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