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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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For one of the best clubfitters in the World today, look through out member list and find an AGCP Certified Clubfitter!

The AGCP Commitment to Golfers who seek out our members for help.

The AGCP is committed to education and continuing education and without that commitment the AGCP test is meaningless. We are also committed to standing behind our certifications to golfers who seek out our members and our commitment to them that out members are truly qualified to help them.

Also, part of the Certification is that members are connected to all AGCP members world wide on a daily basis. By being connected 24/7/365 to all members they have the combined knowledge of the world wide membership to draw on for support. Lower level, less experienced members have the benefit of contacting AGCP Masters of Golf Club Technology and all other levels of certification to help them with any challenge they face. If they are asked to do something beyond their experience they can seek help from the best clubfitters and club builders in the world.

An AGCP members commitment to continue to learn more on a continuing basis is what we are looking for. Otherwise anyone could join and take a certification test then abandon the AGCP and not participate as a member. Certification is dependent on being a member of the AGCP as well as taking a test.

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