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For Distance

Most golfers want more distance. But only some can achieve it.

What are some of the major elements a golfer can control that help create maximum distance?

  • Having a Properly fitted golf club
  • Good golf swing mechanics
  • Swing Speed
  • Center face contact
  • Physical Conditioning

A Properly Fitted Golf Club = There are many considerations that go into properly fitting a golf club to a person. The Length, the Swing Weight or MOI and the Total Weight are the 3 most important fitting specifications we can look at. The Length of the club will effect distance, accuracy and consistency for any golf club. Although there are many commonly held beliefs about each of these elements only a complete examination of your golf game will reveal which of the commonly held beliefs work best for you and  how they are combined is a very complicated process.

Good Golf Swing Mechanics = Good teaching professionals will tell you that a properly fitted set of golf clubs is the greatest teaching tool they can get. Ill fitting golf clubs produce bad swing mechanics just as ill fitting shoes put blisters on your feet. Blisters on your feet will have a big effect on the way you walk and ill fitting golf clubs will have a big effect on how you swing. It is much easier to learn a proper golf swing with golf clubs that fit your physical and athletic ability. You will find success faster and improve faster too.

Swing Speed = how fast you swing the golf club. Obviously your physical strength and conditioning play a major role in how fast you will be able to swing a golf club. So the obvious first step to gaining more distance is to be in excellent physical condition. We like to use the formula 2.5 x club speed equal your maximum potential carry distance for a driver. So take your swing speed and multiply it times 2.5 and you will know how far you can potentially carry your driver if all conditions are right with your swing. A properly fitted golf club in essential because having the right length, weight, shaft flex and head design can increase your potential for maximum swing speed.

Center Face Contact = Golf Clubs are designed to get the create the maximum ball speed off the face when struck in the center of the face. The farther you move from center face contact the less ball speed will be generated off the face of the club. Approximately 1/4″ off center contact will cost you 7% of your potential maximum distance and 1/2″ off center contact will reduce your potential maximum distance by approximately 15%. A properly fitted golf club in essential because a properly fitted golf club will increase your consistency and produce more center face hits than a miss fit golf club.

Physical Conditioning = Like everything else in life your physical conditioning had a significant effect on how far you can hit a golf ball. To achieve maximum distance with a golf club you need to use all parts of your body in your golf swing and proper breathing is also essential. You need strength, flexibility, balance,  and stamina to play your best game and to get maximum distance.

This is only a start and an outline. Within each of these elements are the separate components that combine to make that element work best for you. Throughout this web site there are other more in depth articles and comments about each of these elements that will help you understand the totality of that element and why it helps you play better golf when you are properly fitting.


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