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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Growing the AGCP

Success breeds success and if we are successful we will attract more members and more sponsor and be able to advertise more and promote the AGCP more. Please read the following to see how you can help the AGCP help you.

1. Renew your membership in 2014 and beyond.  The growing membership is what has assisted the AGCP into becoming what it is today.  With so many of the members stating that the amount of knowledge they receive along with the combined AGCP Member discounts from Sponsors / Vendors, it more than pays for the annual dues for the AGCP membership.  We learn things everyday, and we want you to be a part of that.

2. Help find additional members to join the AGCP and share their expertise and information with us.  If you know of club fitters and club makers already in the business, or someone who is just starting out and you know that they could use the assistance, point them in our direction!  There are so many new and up and coming club fitters and club makers out there that may not know where to turn.  Show them the AGCP and why we are the best of the best. Thanks to improving software we are now able to offer not only annual single payment memberships but we can extend membership payments for several months for members who are short on cash flow when their dues come due and we also have a monthly membership that is automatically charged to a credit card or PayPal each month. Be sure and point these things out to prospective new members.

3. Attend the Roundtable Seminars in Columbus. For several years the Roundtable grew bigger and better each year.  With more participation from sponsors and members alike, the AGCP Roundtable has grown from a small group in Branson, MO at Hoot Gibson’s shop to the vast halls of the Columbus Convention and Trade Center.  The amount of shared knowledge taught at the Roundtable is worth the cost alone. However, in the past few years since our economy has plummeted both members and sponsors are finding it difficult to afford a week in Columbus for the convention and we had a couple of lean years. 2013 was a bit of a turning point and we adjusted our format to make it easier for both members and sponsors to be here a shorter period of time and still get full benefit from the convention. 2014 looks to be a bigger and better convention.

4. Recruit other Club Makers to attend the Roundtable.  We want to see more of our craft there to learn.  With the best of the best teaching at the Roundtables each year, we want others to see all of the benefits that the AGCP has to offer.  From Demo Day to Hunter’s Pub, the week long Roundtable has become a hot commodity and we want others to see why it is so.

5. Purchase AGCP Banners, TV Commercials and DVDs.  We want customer clientèle and club fitter / maker alike to see our logo everywhere there is golf products or services.  By placing AGCP Banners, posters, Certifications, DVD’s, or business cards around your shop or anywhere else fitting, you are helping to give the AGCP a bigger name.  When advertising through TV Commercials, include that you are a Member of the AGCP.  Many customers research and many have said they only wish to be fitted by those in the AGCP.

6. Make donations if you can. You can do this in the AGCP Store.  As all members know, it is very expensive to operate an organization of this type. If you would like to make a donation to help offset the expenses of the AGCP we appreciate any help you can offer us to build the organization. We thank you for your belief in the AGCP, no matter how large or small your donations may be.

7. If you have suppliers and they are not a sponsor, encourage them to support you and the AGCP and become a sponsor.  Many of the members will purchase products, no matter what they are, from sponsors ONLY.  With the discounts that so many of the sponsors give, it saves many of us a bundle.  Show potential sponsors that by backing the organization, the organization will back them.

8. Support our Sponsors!  Please support our sponsors to keep them supporting us. Take some time and give them a call and find out what products they carry that you might be ordering from a non sponsor.

Our sponsors make it possible for us to have a web site, have a Roundtable and other benefits. Along with the dues you pay and the items you order from the AGCP Store sponsors fees help to pay for what we have.

The more you purchase from our sponsors the more valuable being a sponsor becomes to them and the more the AGCP will be able to charge them for being a sponsor.  Many of our Sponsors support us because of who we are and what we stand for and only hope to get a financial reward from their support. So order what you can from them when you can.

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