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How to videos

New members when they join don’t always know many things our long term members take for granted. YouTube has a wealth of information that can be useful for learning. I will start adding links to these videos as I run across them to members can watch and learn. I will try to list in some order of type of work, etc.

This is a member only page for AGCP members only.

We are forever asking questions on our email list about various fitting ideas, techniques, etc. and sometimes we can find a video on YouTube that helps answer our question better than words in an email. I will try to put those videos on this page when I catch them. They will be in random order until I get enough videos to create topics. When I begin to get topics I will sort them by topic when I post them here.

Repair Videos…

Repairing old irons with pins in the hosel is almost a lost art. This video is a good one for learning how to handle them

Swing Videos

Face Tape – Improve your Ball Striking with Impact Tape. Sometimes we can correct off center with adjustments to the club,

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