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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Jerry Hoefling Sr

ClubDoctor’s Golf
14 Cobblestone Pl.
Saginaw,Mi. 48603

Cell: 989 239 4107

AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology
AGCP Level 10 Certified
AGCP Charter Member
AGCP Lifetime Member
Qualification Review Board
USGTF Certified Level III Swing Instructor

Jerry Hoefling has been building golf clubs since 1981. In 1983 he went to Level One Club Making School and Level Two Advanced School in 1984 at the GolfWorks with Tom Wishon as his teacher. 1993 brought Jerry to Advanced Shaft Fitting at Dynacraft where he furthered his Golf Club knowledge. He became an Advanced Professional Clubmaker of the PCS in 1999. A year later he was at Dynacraft once again and then followed that up in 2001 with clubmaking and club bending classes at Mitchell. In 2002 he became a Master at GolfWorks and was awarded Regional Club Maker of the Year by the PCS. With Rifle certification and being awarded the Elmore Just Award from the PCS in 2003, Mr. Hoefling was well on his way to becoming a Master of Golf Club Technology.

In 2004 he was awarded the International Club Maker of the Year Award from the PCS and soon after became a Charter Member of the AGCP with the first Roundtable event held in Branson, MO at Hoot Gibson’s place. 2008 brought him Black Gold certification from True Temper as well as becoming a Master of Golf Club Technology. Now a lifetime member of the AGCP and constantly active within chat forums and e-mails, Jerry shares his knowledge with any who will ask.

With the help from his son-in-law and a few others, Jerry came up with the BMT Software that is offered through the AGCP website. Since 2001, he has been profiling shafts with 454g weights. With aid from Glen Tortick, Bob Uebelhor, and Tom Wishon, Jerry has made the BMT Software a hot commodity amongst clubfitters.

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