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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Jerry Lovell

ClubDoctor’s Golf
14 Cobblestone Pl.
Saginaw,Mi. 48603
989 239 4107 cell

Center for Golf Learning and Performance
Club Performance Center
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986
772-468-7686 ext 214
Cell: 772-353-6582

AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology

AGCP Lifetime Member
AGCP 2009 Co-Member of the Year
GCA Master Craftsman
PCS Professional Club Fitter
Tom Wishon Gold Dealer – MOI Certified
Advanced Certified Rifle Center
Eidolon Certified Wedge Fitter
True Length Technology Fitter
SMT Elite Fitter
Swing Science Fitting Center
Fujikura Charter Dealer
UST Tour Shop
Ray Cook Custom Fitter
UST Dealer
Life/Charter Member PGA Tour Partners

Having been a PCS member, a GCA Master Craftsman and in the craft for over 30 years, when the PCS began its decline and ultimate demise, I was on the lookout for an organization to which I could belong that furthered the craft of clubfitting, taught me more skills in the craft and gave me instruction on how to better manage my business. I first learned about the AGCP from a sponsoring vendor, Tom Wishon Golf Technology, in the late summer of 2007 and immediately joined and made plans to attend Roundtable 2. I haven’t missed a Roundtable since nor do I intend to. The benefits I receive from the AGCP far outweigh anything I have gotten from any other professional clubmaking or clubfitting organization to which I have belonged. Nowhere else is there a concentrated knowledge level, professionalism or business savvy as there is here in the AGCP. The willingness on the part of all the members to help each other in terms of information, equipment supply, training assistance, and much more repay many times over the annual dues cost.

Achieving the level of AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology is paramount to any other level of certification issued by any other organization because of the requirements incumbent upon any member seeking to achieve that level of professionalism. Each applicant must show proven abilities, inventory of advanced equipment and evidenced skills in the use of that advanced equipment, tools and methods of clubfitting and clubmaking. There is also the requirement to be willing to assist and teach every other member with no other thought than to pass on skills, knowledge and training to others. The motto of the Masters is “Teaching the rest to become the best of the best.”

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