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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Become a professional clubfitter by joining the AGCP. If you are looking for clubmaker schools you are in the right place. But maybe you are not going to find the kind of school you thought you wanted. Read on...

I have been to clubmaker schools in several places. What I found was hands on instruction by great instructors but in a class setting they had to move at the pace of the slowest student in the class. In some classes many students were not able to learn all of the information available because some students had to have several repetitions and illustrations before they learned the information provided in class.

The AGCP offers a different kind of education. Our greatest feature is our member only email list. All AGCP members are subscribed to our email list. You might ask here, so what? What's the big deal? If you ask the AGCP members they will tell you that they get their moneys worth for AGCP dues in the first month the join and some even sooner than that.

See the bottom of this page for comments from AGCP members who tell why they have been members for such a long time and continue to renew year after year. 

What is the value of the email list?

  • AGCP members will tell you it is "...the most valuable benefit of the AGCP membership experience" by far. More valuable even than the annual Convention where we have live classes.
  • Passive learning for one. You learn things that you do not even know you need to learn simply by reading the emails from other members.
  • No BS on the email list. The email list is a professional list and the subjects are restricted to club making, club fitting and the business of the same.
  • It is not a social forum for guys and gals to BS and shoot the breeze, swamp jokes or political comments. All of that is forbidden.
  • It is for club makers and club fitters only. No sponsors allowed. If you want to criticize "Company Golf" you can and you don't have to worry about the president of that company getting back at you in some way. As long as it's business go right ahead and criticize.
  • Did I mention? There are no dumb questions. None. No matter what your level of experience of knowledge you can ask any question at any time as long as it's about club making, club fitting and the business of the same. You will get plenty of answers from those who do this every day. Some of the best in the world.
  • We have a Netiquette guide and there are no flaming or insults allowed. It's a professional forum for professionals.
  • Nothing against the instructors of other schools but our "instructors" are actually doing what they are teaching you to do. Our instructors are not hired to instruct, they own their business doing that they are helping you to learn.
  • Someone once said: Those who can, do. Those who can't do, teach. I don't know if that is true or not, but...

So by now you are wondering where you get the hands on experience of actually doing what you talk about. For one you can often contact a member who lives near you and arrange to spend a day or maybe more in their shop actually working next to them. By being the only student you will be surprised how much you can learn in one or two days. You can offer to pay for this but some members do it as a "pay it forward" experience only. Each member is different.

Before you sign up for that 3, 4, or 5 day school for $300, $400, $500 think about joining the AGCP for a whole year and do the above every day 24/7/365. Think about learning from some of the best in the world and being able to ask questions every day whenever you want. Join the AGCP

For more hands on experience attend our annual Dana Conference RT Convention for 3 days of seminars and classes with the AGCP Masters and Level 9 & 10 Certified members. Learn hands on from the best of the best.

For more hands on experience attend our annual Dana Conference RT Convention for 3 days of seminars and classes with the AGCP Masters and Level 9 & 10 Certified members. Learn hands on from the best of the best.

Read testimonials from AGCP members below

Dave Kenzie

I joined the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals in 2008. I was looking for a organization to replace the recently debunked Professional Clubmakers Society. I as a builder of custom golf equipment, needed an organization that I could continue to gain knowledge from. I had been quite active with the PCS, serving as acting chairman of the Carolina chapter. When it dissolve I had no group of club builders to communicate with, share questions and ideas.

I’m not sure how I heard about the AGCP, but boy am I glad I did. Shortly after joining I found it to be one terrific organization. The member (email list) chat line is one of the most excellent tools I have ever come across. A way to learn from the more experienced club builders/fitters, and a means for me to pass along personal experiences. The annual Round Table Conference is something I look forward to attending each year. There are excellent presentations by our supplier/sponsors, as well as member club builder/fitter’s. It is also great to meet the new members that join within the past year who attend, and renew friendship with our regular members.

I was a club builder when I was in PCS. Now as a AGCP member I am both a builder and a club “FITTER”, having learned the how, why and what about clubfitting through the AGCP.

Roy Nix has built one great organization in the Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals


Bob Williams

Continual learning and suggestions and tips from Club fitting Masters about custom golf club fitting and building.

That is what the Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals (AGCP) means to me. As a golf club fitter, I have recognized that every customer is different. No two are fit the same, different lengths, different weights, different head designs, different everything! And because no two customers are alike questions about how to handle, how to fit properly, unique situations continually occur. Without the AGCP I would be at a loss as to how to go about fitting a customer correctly. One email to the group elicits multiple answers with each one helpful, and each one getting me to the point I can correctly fit and build for my customer. The AGCP has one firm rule (ok, maybe more than one) but one that means everything to me…. “THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS”. So if you want to learn a great craft, if you want to become an accomplished golf club fitter, look to the AGCP it will provide you with everything you need in training and always be willing to answer your questions.


Jim Holley

I have been a member of AGCP since 2008, and I have attended all Round Table conventions since RT3. Membership in this organization has been very beneficial to my Clubfitting business in the Nashville, Tennessee area. The key benefits have been the Member to Member Education Email Forum and the annual Round Table convention.

The Email Forum provides an ongoing repository of Clubfitting and clubmaking resources that can provide an almost instantaneous answer to any question related to the fitting, assembly or repair of golf clubs.

The annual Round Table event gives members an opportunity to receive classroom style training in current trends and technologies as well as the added benefit of interacting with the instructors and other members in an informal one-on-one environment of information sharing. The end of day recap over dinner and in the hospitality room is a continuous panel discussion of all things pertinent to Clubfitting and clubmaking.

I highly recommend AGCP membership for any Clubfitter/clubmaker who is serious about increasing his/her knowledge in this craft.


Tony Wright

The AGCP is about helping golfers to play their best, and about helping EVERY member to be the best true custom club fitter they can be. Since I joined the AGCP more than 10 years ago, I have learned every day from posts on the AGCP email forum, and learn at the yearly AGCP Roundtable events. Each and every member - from master club fitter to beginner - learns from each other. We learn about true custom fitting, about master craftsman club building,


Frank Hann

Engineered Golf’s Testimonial for Membership in the AGCP

Why I am a member of the AGCP. the benefits I have realized, and how they can benefit others.

• I greatly benefit from the peer and trade affiliations with a Professional Clubfitting organization comprised of some of the best clubfitter, club builders and club component manufacturers in the world. The AGCP encompasses that type of organization.

• The AGCP’s bank of vast knowledge and advice from highly skilled craftsmen is one of the greatest resources available to today’s clubfitters and clubmakers. It is nearly immediately available to me through either peer to peer contact and/or researching the AGCP’s treasured archives. Someone in our membership has been there and done that!

• For nearly any related golf problem, there are many well noted but sometimes differing solutions from our AGCP members, along with the best advice to select one that applies to my unique type of business model.

• My knowledge of clubfitting has increased exponentially over the years due to my exposure with the best in the business through my AGCP membership. My business has profited from that relationship.

• Membership exposure to new ideas and solid solutions will always encourage me to keep learning and expanding my expertise. Even after nearly 15 years, I keep learning jewels of knowledge passed amongst our membership. Our AGCP Masters admit that even they have sometime benefitted from discovering new nuggets of advice and knowledge.

• I have followed the example of the many highly experienced members and try to pass along my bit of unique knowledge to help all members. As a result of the efforts of so many, with each passing season the membership knowledge level continues to rise.

That is why I am proud of, and wish to continue to be, a longtime member of the AGCP.


Jerry Kibler

I joined the AGCP in 2014 after several years not belonging to a professional clubmakers group after PCS dissolved. I had joined the PCS in 1989 and I had to cut back on my custom club and repair work shortly after PCS dissolved. I was looking for another group that was interested in fitting and building custom clubs with the clients interests first, not just making a sale. In talking to Tom Wishon one day, I told him of my quandy, he suggested I contact AGCP. I did and have been a member ever since.

What do I get out of being a member of AGCP?

I have resources of the top custom clubmakers worldwide, many I didn’t know existed, others I knew from the former PCS. On our forum we discuss many topics, and I can assure you that someone will know the answer, or the subject will be discussed and researched, and an answer will be forthcoming. There are no dumb questions. You may feel that your question is unique to you, but you will find out some others have the same question but were afraid ask. We can never know everything about our craft, so ask others who have the experience to help you along. It opens places you can find components that may not be available anywhere else. We have sponsors who work with our group and give us better pricing and who attend our annual Round Table convention and make presentations of their products and new ones coming.

Annual Round Table Convention held in Columbus, Ga, is a must for members. We have presentations from Master Clubmakers who belong to AGCP, on different areas we deal with, presentations by sponsors, presentations from leaders in the industry such as Tom Wishon and others. We learn much from our daily presentations, which a lot of time has hands on learning, but the information we learn at night at the motel is priceless. Many of the things discussed at night are questions that are not necessarily talked about during the RT but are questions that a member may have.

Another is the friendships built and comradeship we have in the group.

For me, I am in awe of the knowledge that our Master members know and are willing to share with all of us at no charge, just that they are willing to share their knowledge to make all of us better informed so we can help our clients become better golfers and enjoy the game more. This is why I do what I do. I couldn’t do it as well without all the support that the AGCP gives me.


Jerry Lovell

The AGCP daily emails keep me up to date with the latest technology, techniques, tips and tricks. I have been in this ‘business’ for over 30 years and in true club fitting for over 10 years. I don’t think we EVER come to a point where we know it all. The industry is changing at a rapid pace and we have to race just to keep our skills in line with the technological advancements. Great? I’m not sure what that is, but as long as we try to be the best of the best and keep up-to-date with our skills and knowledge base, I think that begins to touch on the meaning of ‘greatness.’ For example, I think Dana Upshaw fits in the ‘great’ category. I think there are others of the ‘Masters’ who fit into that same category, but for most of us, we’re just students of the craft.


André Thaon

I'm a French professional clubfitter / clubmaker. I started operating 13 years ago and, by now, I'm, by far, the most successful in my country. This is greatly due to the invaluable knowledge I received and go on receiving from AGCP and which makes me benefit from a clear competitive edge on my competitors. I read every day the comments of my peers on the group email list. If I think I can contribute I do, very openly, and if I don't, it always brings me tips; tricks and ideas to improve my knowledge. Also, in spite of the distance and cost, I try to participate as much as I can to the yearly round table from which, on top of more knowledge; I get a great spirit boost for the next months.

I really wonder how a professional clubfitter / clubmaker can stay at the top of his art without such ongoing exchanges with peers.


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