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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Welcome to the Members Only Page of our AGCP website. To see what the public sees click on Home.


The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals is sponsored by Wishon Golf

Our purpose is to educate and certify Professional Clubfitters & Clubmakers around the world

We have some of the best clubfitters in the world.

If you want a better set of custom fitted golf clubs and you want to play better golf then

Look on our Directory page to find an AGCP Certified Clubfitter near you. 


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A few words about the For Members Only pages on this site and how to get around in them…

The members only pages contain instruction manuals starting with basic fundamentals and progress to very advanced clubmaking and clubfitting techniques. These pages are available only to members and are not intended for the public. You will only see them when you are logged into the website as a member. They are not visible when you are not logged in. If you want information that you cannot find please post what you need so members can create or video instructions for you that can be added to the website.

Note: The menu for the member pages are on the right as links. The Documents & Downloads page alone has nearly 100 or more items to open, read, and download.

These pages is are part of your password protected website where you can learn all things “business”. We can offer ideas about current ratios, financial statements, pricing for profit, and any other discussion that would not be appropriate for a public forum. While this entire web site it for the AGCP members benefit, the GoogleGroups site and the members only pages on this site are for AGCP Members Only and are not accessible to sponsors or the general public. Their are pages on this site that are dedicated to golfers in the Golfers section and sprinkled about on the site, and there are pages dedicated to our sponsors in the Sponsors section. Each have a button on the navigation bar. Most of the site other than those designated under the Members Only title or Sponsors Only title are for the general public.

The web site consists of Pages and Posts. Pages are under the navigation buttons and do not allow comments, but Posts are listed up and down the sides and on the bottom and they are the blog areas of the site where comments are allowed. The best rule of thumb is if a page you are reading allows comments at the end it is a POST, not a Page. I know, confusing but that is how they design Word Press web sites and that is what we have to deal with. This is a huge web site with many, many Pages, Posts, and parts for the Public, parts for Sponsors and parts for Members Only and I will attempt to designate each Member Page at the top with a logo that tells you when it is member only. That may or may not be possible with all of the posts.

It is worth some of your time to look and see what the pages here consist of. Some of these pages have a lot of information on them in the form of valuable links and if you don’t look at all the pages you will have no idea what is there. Some pages are for beginners, or those new to business. Some pages are for those who have been in business and are looking for ideas. Some pages are about building, some about fitting, some about profit, some about the nuts and bolts of operating a successful business.

A good idea would be for you to bookmark pages with information you might need on a regular basis and write down the User Name and Password to the Members Only Pages and put it close by so you have it handy when you want to return here.

I am not personally a know it all and I do not know all the information on any subject but I will give you what I have from other experts and from my reference material as I find it and can convert it for web use. I realize many of you have been in business and may not need this, but some have not been around for so long and they do need it. So you will find information from beginners advice to expert advice from our members and from others in our industry. If you have a specific expertise and you want to contribute an article for this site please send it to us and we will add it to the content to share with fellow members. Or, since this is a blog with comments allowed feel free to add your comments where they are appropriate for others to read.

This site is ever expanding and with it growing so rapidly, there are bound to be errors along the way.  If you see anything that needs a little editing, or a tweak here or there, please, e-mail us know.  In building this site we attempted to check all pages and designate them as private or public at the top of each page. Over time we will get this done.

We also have some members who have volunteered to be Authors or Contributors to the site and they will be offering material from time to time to enlighten you on a variety of subjects. There areas will be blogs and will allow questions and answers so feel free to ask them questions. Please keep internal questions about AGCP business and questions reserved for members only on the AGCP Googlegroups email list to insure more privacy and freedom for discussion. Remember that you as a member have access to all pages on the web site but AGCP Sponsors, VIP Guest Golfers and Golf Members do not. If you are not sure about the security of a page log out of the site and try to access the page. If you cannot access the page when logged out it is a private Member Only Page.

Welcome again to the AGCP Members Only Pages! Where we make golf better and more fun for our customers.

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