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Must Read Articles and Books

A great article in Sports Business Professional about Tom Wishon on the importance of Custom Fitting.  Download the article and enjoy.


I wrote a book about Clubfitting you can find at Amazon. It was a Best Seller. One of the reviews I’m most proud of came from an AGCP member who also happens to be one of the Top rated PGA Golf Professionals in Europe. My good friend Mike McFadden.

It’s a Kindle download and very inexpensive so anyone can afford to read it.

CrackerJack Clubfitter

Mike McFadden
5.0 out of 5 stars

This book gives golfers more than they expect to get.

February 13, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition

Knowledge AND experience are tough to beat. Roy Nix has plenty of both! You have to love the way he paints a visual expression of all the important clubfitting concepts, like trying to find a qualified fitter, “You might say it’s like having a General Practice Physician tell you he can perform heart surgery. Well, he probably can but do you want him to? Or would you go to a heart surgeon? He takes hard to grasp facts like MOI or club weight and creates vivid word images that everyone can understand, “A major league pitcher can’t throw a bowling ball, or a tennis ball 90 mph. A batter can’t hit home runs with a 15 pound bat, or a light weight plastic bat. A kicker can’t kick a cement football, or a nerd football very far. It is easy to get caught up in all the marketing hype from the big golf equipment manufacturers, but do yourself and your game a favor, buy this book. Read it before you purchase any new golf clubs! You will not regret it. Thanks Roy!

There are 22 comments from buyers and it is endorsed by Tom Wishon and Mike Stachura – Senior Equipment Editor at Golf Digest.

Praise for Cracker Jack Clubfitter

After reading Crackerjack Clubfitter, I am pleased that Roy was able to convey the benefits of custom clubfitting in a succinct manner that any golfer can understand how to find a good clubfitter with whom they can work to be custom fit with golf clubs that will allow them to play better and increase their enjoyment in this great game.
In short if you want to know the truth about custom fitting and how golf clubs can be tailored to help you play better, Roy cuts to the chase and delivers this information in clear, understandable terms.”on for this block. Use this space for describing your block. Any text will do. Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.

Tom Wishon

Tom Wishon Golf Technologies
Author, The Search for the
Perfect Golf Club and
The Search for the Perfect Driver

We are in an era that many are calling the “golden age” of golf equipment technology. While that may or may not be true, it is certainly the case that the sheer volume of new products and new ideas about metalwoods, irons, wedges and putters is overwhelming to the poor golf consumer. He or she is too often frustrated by the terms and the promises and even just the appearance of modern equipment that it often seems safer to not do anything and just keep plodding along with ill-fitting equipment that most certainly is doing little to foster real improvement.
The solution to this unfortunate and unnecessary malaise is, of course, knowledge about how clubs work and how the right fit is the ultimate game-changer for any golfer, touring pro or weekend warrior. That has been the hallmark of Roy Nix’s career as not just a clubfitter, but as a real educator in the game of golf. More importantly, what thousands of golfers have experienced over the years in seeking out his equipment advice and what so many more now will glean by reading this book, is that Roy educates without sounding like he’s conducting a doctoral seminar in quantum physics. He talks to us not only with the voice of experience but with words and examples that are simple and practical. He has a passion for making golfers better by showing them their true potential, and more importantly, how obvious that potential can be made real by the proper use of the game’s proper tools.
Quite simply, his ideas as detailed in this book can be the spark that inspires golfers and those who work with them to take complete advantage of the game’s golden age of equipment technology.

Mike Stachura

Senior Editor-Equipment
Golf Digest

Roy Nix’s informative and candid book on clubfitting educates golfers on the importance of custom fit clubs and how to get an effective fitting. Golfers and professional clubfitters alike will benefit from reading this book from the founder of the AGCP Master Clubfitter organization. 

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