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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Netiquette – Treat others as you would have them treat you.

The AGCP Google Groups List and the AGCP Sponsor Discussion Boards are both unmoderated discussion forums. At Google Groups, all messages are forwarded automatically to everyone on the list without any intervention on the part of the List Manager or anyone else. When posting on the Bulletin Board your messages are posted as you type them without interference.

The forums, although unmoderated, are not anonymous. Subscribers are expected to sign every message with their real name, company name, and city and state.

When a new member joins the AGCP list we ask that they provide complete information about who they are (name, name of business, address, city, state, phone). We do this so that we can verify that all members are clubfitters and clubmakers, not vendors, or someone wanting to gather sales data or mischief makers.

The List Manager reserves the right to remove anyone who, in its sole discretion, abuses the list.

Only subscribers may post to the list, and only from the exact address from which they subscribed. Other posts will bounce.

From time to time you may see a message with FTLM in the Subject line. Please read this message as it is FROM THE LIST MANAGER and is important that all members read it. It may have to do with AGCP business and could help you with your business. It is AGCP business, not clubfitting or clubmaking information.

Only AGCP staff will be allowed to discuss AGCP policy and operations on the list and that is in the course of informing members. Do not post about the internal operations of the AGCP or any AGCP business on the list. Doing so could result in you losing your posting ability. If you want to discuss AGCP business or operations please contact Roy Nix privately at to do so. Policy questions and disagreements are not member business, please do not post policy questions or disagreements on the list.

Good Manners, Respect and Civility

Keep your posting to business related subjects. Discuss only Clubfitting, Clubmaking and the business of clubfitting and clubmaking. Each member gets a copy of each email sent to the list and a copy of all replies to the list. Many of our members are businessmen and are here for education only and do not want to waste time reading off topic posts.
Always include a signature with every post so members know who is commenting. Name, and location are enough but you can add contact info if you wish.

Keep your audience in mind when you’re messaging the entire list. If your response would be more appropriately sent to just one individual, don’t send it to the whole list. Send it privately instead.

Flaming, personal attacks, or cyber-bullying will not be tolerated. Please avoid verbal hostility. In addition, judgmental and condescending tones are discouraged. If you disagree with someone and cannot be civil in your response, it is best not to say anything.

Healthy discussion and opposing points of view are acceptable and encouraged, but keep the discussion issue oriented instead of personality oriented. All subscribers are expected to conduct themselves as professionals.

Foul language is prohibited. Words like s**t, f**k, g*d d**m are never allowed in the subject line of messages and will be removed by the list manager if they are posted to the list. If someone gets a little over-exuberant in their mail message content and says something like “that really pisses me off” or “they can kiss my ass” it will be allowed–but it is strongly discouraged.

A long-time list facilitator from one of my printer lists said it very well when he was discussing “Moderating Language on his list.” He said, “As has happened in the past, we have lost members as a result of language on a few recent threads. Some simply dropped off the list rather than have their mailboxes bombarded with BS and F-bombs they didn’t want. In the future, please consider (our list) a living room and not a locker room. I’m sure there is no issue that can’t be discussed without the graphic language. If you must, I’m sure using #@%&*! can get the point across.”

Please do not post jokes on the list, this is not a social association it is a business association. Please no discussions about politics and religion as these issues tend to polarize the list instead of uniting it. There is also a tendency for messages about politics and religious issues to become too negative and bitter. These types of discussions often deteriorate into flaming or personal attacks. Many list members find this offensive and sometimes they’ll unsubscribe from the list as a sort of silent protest. Please keep our list strong by avoiding discussions that could easily deteriorate into an online brawl.


When replying to a message, please include something (a quote, paraphrase, summary) so others understand to what you are replying. If you quote the original message, retain only what is pertinent and edit the text to the minimum necessary to convey the original idea. Edit and summarize as necessary. Use an ellipsis or to indicate the removal of body text. Include the original poster’s name and/or email address when possible.

Use clear, concise subject headings. When replying to a message, please be sure the subject line of your email reflects the context of your response. Sometimes the content of a thread changes (thread drift) and the original subject line no longer matches the topic being discussed! When changing a subject line, it’s often a good idea to include the previous subject, “(was [previous subject])” after the new subject.

Make sure to remove people’s signatures when you are replying to a message. This also helps prevent messages from getting too long.

It is NEVER appropriate to take someone’s private email you received and post it to the list without their expressed permission. Nor should list messages be forwarded, printed, or otherwise shared with others without the expressed permission of the original poster(s). Not only is it unethical, but it’s also a copyright violation. Don’t do it.

Be tolerant of newcomers, who all make mistakes when they first join a list. If you feel you must correct someone, do it courteously and/or use private email.


Lurk before you post for the first time. Observe what’s going on, and what is and isn’t appropriate material. Lurk for a week, and then “announce” your arrival with a posting that introduces yourself.

AGCP Google Groups subscribers are required to post an introduction within a week of subscribing. The introduction should at least include your name, company, address, phone, and what kind of shop you have. It’s also a good idea to include information about what equipment you have, specialties, services you offer, and a brief overview of your shop. It really helps the rest of us feel like we get to know you a little.

Be careful about using sarcasm, satire, tongue in check humor, etc. Often it’s misinterpreted. Use lots of emoticons and/or abbreviations to accent your comments but please do not use them as your comment. We are from all around the world and symbols are too easy to misinterpret. Our email list is not social media, it is a professional forum for the benefit of all. 

Here is a short list:

  • Smiley faces
  • Winks
  • Grins or smiles
  • Very big grin
  • Laughing out loud
  • Rolling on the floor laughing

Other abbreviations you’ll see from time to time:

  • BTW – By the way
  • IMHO – In my honest opinion, in my humble opinion
  • FWIW – For what it’s worth
  • AFAIK – As far as I know
  • FTLM – From the List Manager 

Short paragraphs are easier to read than longer ones.

DON’T SHOUT. TEXT IN ALL UPPERCASE IS HARD TO READ AND IS CONSIDERED IMPOLITE. Do use normal capitalization. Separate your paragraphs with blank lines to make your message inviting to your potential readers.

It’s OK to use uppercase sparingly to EMPHASIZE a word or two. And * asterisks * surrounding a word can also be used to make a point.

And finally, enjoy the communications with your colleagues! Few things are more rewarding than sharing ideas with peers in the same business (but who are not in your backyard). Enjoy the new resource and please contribute!

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