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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Roy Nix

McNix Golf
8233-1 Fox Creek Drive
Midland, GA 31820

Founder Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals
AGCP Master of Golf Club Technology
AGCP Level 10 Retail and Teaching, Qualified & Certified
2011 Golf Digest Selection as America’s Best 100 Clubfitters 

Golf Professional
2011 Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter in America
PGA Business School Class of 1968
Former Head Professional:
Sand Hill G. C. Ft. Benning, GA
Four Lakes G. C. Columbus, GA
Certified Rifle Center
Fujikura Charter Dealer
Accra Dealer & Fitting Center
UST Shaft Tour Authorized Fitting Center
Aerotech Shaft Fitting Center
KBS Shaft Certified Fitting Center
Tom Wishon Golf Authorized Fitting Center
Jack Nicklaus Golf Certified Fitting Center
Alpha Golf Club Certified Fitting Center
Orka Golf Certified Fitting Center
Infiniti Golf Certified Fitting Center

I began my professional career in 1967 after having been the Captain of the Golf team at Columbus College in Columbus, Georgia (now Columbus State University). I also played on my High School Golf Team at Baker High School in Columbus, GA. I was a Golf Professional for nearly 8 years with Head Professional Jobs at two Columbus area courses (interrupted by a tour in the U. S. Air Force) before a chronic back problem, Anklosying Spondilitis, forced me to seek other ways to earn a living.

My first job as a Golf Professional was as an assistant at the Columbus Country Club in Columbus, Georgia. I worked for Mr. Charles M. “Charlie” Harper who was the Head Professional at that time. Mr. Harper was quite a player in his day having won many tournaments during his prime before taking the job at CCC. The Columbus Country Club is most noted as the home course of Mr. Fred Haskins, a Golf Professional for whom the Haskins Trophy is named. The Haskins Trophy is given to the nations top college golfer each year as the Heisman Trophy is for the top football player. Columbus Country Club is also well known as the home of the Southeastern Amateur Golf Tournament. A golf tournament dominated for many years by Alan Doyle prior to joining the Senior Tour.

I was at Columbus Country Clubs only for a short time before getting my first Head Professional job at Sand Hill Golf Course, Fort Benning, Georgia. While working at Sand Hill in 1968, I successfully completed the P.G.A Business School in Palm Beach Florida. I had the great fortune of studying swing theory under Bob Toski while attending the school. After studying the golf swing under Mr. Toski, my teaching skills and my golf game were dramatically improved. I have held or shared several course records and won a few Amateur and College Tournaments during my career.

I left Sand Hill in late 1969 because I was drafted. I joined the Air Force and worked as an electronics and communications technician, supporting the Apollo Space Program, while at Patrick AFB near Cocoa Beach Florida until May of 1972.

Upon my return to Columbus from the Air Force, I was hired as an assistant at Bull Creek Golf Course when it opened in June of 1972 with only the first 9 of 36 holes. Bull Creek was then and still is one of the country’s finest public courses and has appeared in Golf Magazines for years. My boss, the Head Professional there, was Hugh Royer Jr., the 1970 Western Open Champion on the P.G.A Tour.

After Bull Creek, I spent a year as Head Professional at Four Lakes Golf Course in Columbus, Georgia. After leaving Four Lakes my back problems changed my career. That was in October of 1974. I moved to the advertising industry before opening a print shop a few years later.

While I was the Professional at Four Lakes, I also managed a Golf Repair shop, Cindo Golf, where we built and repaired golf clubs. We served many of the PGA Pros when they were in town for the Southern Open which as a regular tour stop in Columbus until moving to Callaway Gardens as one of the Buick Opens.

When I left golf I moved to the advertising industry for many years before eventually opening an ad agency and print shop. Now, my wife and I own and operate On Time Printing in Columbus, GA along with the golf shop. The golf shop is more a labor of love than an occupation. I love the game and I love and enjoy being around golf and golfers.

When I returned to the golf business, to brush up on my skills, I attended the Golfsmith Clubmaker’s school in Austin, TX. Since then I have also attended the Precision Rifle Certification School to become a Certified Rifle Center, The Golfwork’s Clubfitting School, and the PCS Advanced Fitting School as well as numerous other other Seminars, Expos, and Conferences. I attended the Professional Clubmaker’s Society Expos and PGA Shows whenever possible. I’ve attended all of the Annual AGCP Roundtable Educational conferences. I also organized and managed all of the Roundtables, in addition to producing the DVDs of the Roundtables.

In 2006 I founded The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals. The AGCP has grown into an International organization that has had well over 100 members and continues to grow not only in size but in stature as well. The AGCP has some of the Worlds finest clubfitters and custom clubmakers and is rapidly becoming recognized in the industry as one of the finest organizations of its kind. Many of our sponsors recommend their customer become members of the AGCP to advance their knowledge and ability. An annual Roundtable Educational Exposition is held in Columbus, GA for the members and we have 3 or 4 days of intense training for members to attend. The annual AGCP Roundtable is becoming a must attend event on many of this country’s quality clubmakers’ agenda.

One of my proudest distinctions came in 2008 when Tom Wishon inscribed the jacket liner of my personal copy of his new book “The Right Stuff” with the following inscription

“To Roy Nix,
The very best wishes to one of the very best custom clubmakers on the planet!
Tom Wishon”

Tom being a mentor and a colleague makes this one of the highest compliments I’ve received in my career. One that I am very proud of. This is also one of the reasons Tom endorsed the AGCP and asked all clubmakers to join.

Some of the other reasons Tom endorsed the AGCP is mine and my wife Linda’s background outside golf. Tom knows that my wife and I once owned an Advertising Agency and we still own a Printing Business. My wife and I have both been in retail and retail sales and in addition I’ve been a sales trainer for a National Distribution company. Linda has been a sales manager for both a local Radio Station and a local TV station and while I manage the AGCP and McNix Golf, Linda manages the Printing Business. Our backgrounds give us a unique set of skills that allow us to know how to market and advertise also.

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