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Set Make up & Consistency

The USGA allows us to have only 14 clubs in our bag. The putter is going to be one of those 14. One of the most important factors in custom fitting is to determine what those other 13 clubs are. Those 13 clubs need to be evenly spaced for proper yardage gaps between those 13 clubs so that you have a club for every distance between your longest club (usually a driver) and your shortest club (usually a wedge). AGCP Professional Clubfitters are trained to help you determine exactly what 13 clubs other than your putter you need in your bag to play your best golf. Some hit fairways better than hybrids and some hit hybrids better than fairways. Some hit hybrids better than longer irons and some hit longer irons better. Some need 4 wedges some need fewer. The AGCP fitter will help you find the right combination to allow you to hit better shots through the bag and enjoy your golf game more. 

Having the right set makeup is one step that leads to more consistency after you have been fit properly.


Getting clubs fit for your ability, skill and athleticism will help you be more consistent hitting the ball in the center of the clubface. Length is important, swing path, weight, MOI, club head design. All contribute to consistency. The way the club is fit for length will help with proper posture at address. The proper weight and weight distribution between the shaft and head will help with tempo and swing path/face angle. All of which determine how well you hit golf shots. Consistently hitting the ball in the center of the clubface has a lot to do with consistent distance control. Custom fitting will increase your ability to hit shots in the center of the face.

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