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Shaft Fitting

Shaft Fitting and how it relates to other aspects of the fitting…

When fitting golf clubs many factors are considered but of those factors the one element that has the most options for a golfer is the shaft. The shaft can vary in weight, length and by flex design, and the flex can vary in stiffness in many ways. Flex is used as an overall general term meaning how stiff the shaft feels to the golfer when they swing it. The flex can be manipulated in the butt section of the shaft, the mid section of the shaft and the tip section of the shaft. By analyzing your golf swing we can determine just what particular characteristics your golf shaft should have to allow you to be more comfortable and swing more efficiently and more effectively.

AGCP club fitters know that no other component on a golf club is more tied to a golfers swing characteristics like the golf shaft. Unlike the specifications of the clubhead for example the same shaft will perform differently for golfers with different swing mechanics. The same shaft with one golfer might slightly increase launch angle where with another golfer with different swing mechanics it might have no effect on launch angle. This shaft will feel different to the two golfers also. AGCP club fitters are trained to recognize the particular movements in the golf swing that have an effect on how the shaft will perform for a particular golfer and be able to fit the shafts quite accurately.

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