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Tailor Made Suits

What do tailored suits have to do with custom golf clubs? Similar process. Advertising and golf magazines would have you believe that preassembled clubs that are sitting on a shelf can be custom fitted to you or you can order custom fitted clubs from one of the major companies that are custom fit for you. Up to a point they will work better, but at the end of the day they are just like the suits you buy in a department store. Or any clothes you buy in a department store or a clothing store, compared with a suit actually fitted by and made by a Master Tailor.

When you go to a clothing store you look for name brands for quality. When you go to a tailor to make you a suit you don’t ask the tailor where he gets his cloth, thred, sewing machines, etc. and you have not idea what brands he uses. You trust your tailor. The clothing store has ready made suits that they cut pants to length, and modify to accommodate you.

When you go to an AGCP fitter he is like that tailor. He has the best equipment, the best heads, shafts, grips and he knows how to fit them and put them together for you just like your Tailor. When you go to a golf store they have ready made clubs that they modify to accommodate you.

For the best set of clubs you will ever own look on our locator pages for an AGCP certified fitter near you and make an appointment today. 

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