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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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Techy Stuff…

Everybody who watches TV, or reads golf magazines, or visits golf websites is aware that there are ways and methods for fitting clubs that make golfers hit better shots and score better. Here are some of the things AGCP members use to help golfers play better.

The AGCP has established 21 variables on a golf club that need to be adjusted to a golfers swing based on skill level, athletic ability and body type. The better this variables are adjusted to you and your swing the more consistently you will make center face contact with the face pointed at your target. Which means you get maximum distance with proper spin and ball speed off the clubface towards the desired target. Longer and straighter…

  1. Clubhead loft
  2. Clubhead lie angle
  3. Clubhead bulge (woods only)
  4. Clubhead roll (woods only)
  5. Club head sole angle (irons only)
  6. Clubhead face angle (woods only)
  7. Clubhead hosel offset
  8. Clubhead material and design
  9. Shaft flex
  10. Shaft torque
  11. Shaft weight
  12. Shaft spine alignment
  13. Shaft flex profile
  14. Shaft material composition and design
  15. Grip size
  16. Grip weight
  17. Grip material composition and design
  18. Club length
  19. Club swingweight / moment of inertia
  20. Club total weight
  21. Club set makeup

To measure your swing so we can adjust these variables we use launch monitors to measure your swing and gather data for comparison. We test shafts and head designs that fit your swing type to find the best combination for you.

      • Ball Data
      • Ball Speed
      • Vertical Launch Angle
      • Horizontal Launch Angle
      • Vertical Decent Angle
      • Smash Factor
      • Spin Rate
      • Spin Axis
      • Carry Distance
      • Roll
      • Total Distance
      • Lateral Landing
      • Apex Height
      • Flight Time
      • Shot Dispersion
      • Distance to Pin
      • Club Data
      • Club Speed
      • Club Speed Profile
      • Club Acceleration Profile
      • Face Angle
      • Face to Path
      • Dynamic Loft
      • Angle of Attack
      • Club Path
      • Vertical Swing Plane
      • Horizontal Swing Plane
      • Spin Loft

The results of AGCP clubfitting often results in a dramatic improvement for the golfer and lower scores.

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