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Who Benefits from Custom Fitting?

You’ve probably heard that only the pros benefit from custom fitting. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s almost the opposite that is true. The better the player the less the benefit from custom fitting. Watch the Tom Wishon video below for the facts on custom fitting.

AGCP Custom clubfitting leads to lower scores. AGCP clubfitters do the best job of custom clubfitting. Do you want the best set of golf clubs you’ve ever owned? Do you want to play the best golf you’ve ever played? Do you want to buy that last set of clubs so you don’t have to ever buy a set again? Using our AGCP Certified Clubfitters will accomplish all 3 goals. Our certified clubfitters are trained and tested to use the latest in technology with the knowledge they gain from our ongoing training to find the best fitting golf clubs for your swing. Everyone is different and knowing how the golf clubs effect our swing and how to adjust the golf clubs to compliment our swing will give you the right length, the right weight, the right shaft flex and balance point. Getting all of these factors fitting to you so that your clubs are adjusted to your physical ability and skill level will give you straighter shots more often. You will hit more fairways, you will hit more greens and closer to the pin more often. All of this will lead to lower scores and even more distance more often than not. You will be hitting a nine iron from the fairway not a 6 iron from the rough.

AGCP members at the highest levels discuss custom fitting and custom building all day, everyday, all year long. High level members have an email list with nearly 15 years of archives and they discuss their craft constantly. The archives contain probably the most comprehensive database of clubfitting and club making information in existence. Some of the world's finest professional have been emailing back and forth and sharing techniques every day for almost 15 years. What members can't find in the archives they can send an email out to the membership asking for help on any subject. 

If you want to play better golf contact the AGCP member near you. Our members are certified by skill levels from basic to highest level, from Level 1 through Level 10 and even Masters. The higher the level the more experience, the more equipment and the more dedicated they a

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