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How to prep a graphite shaft for assembly using a 42 inch belt sander.

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The belt used on the 43 inch belt sander is a Norax Belt that can be found at Golfworks for about $10 plus shipping. It is a belt designed to be used to sand the tips of graphite shafts for reshafting. Ideal for removing the polyurethane coating without cutting any fibers. 1" x 42" Belt.

I have been doing this for 20 years so I have developed a touch for it and I know when my pressure is right to take off the right amount of paint. This takes practice to get it right. Use old or broken shafts and sand anywhere on the shaft until you feel you have the right touch to do this without damaging the shafts. Then practice on the tips until you perfect your technique. 

Click on See Video above to watch the video.

The sounds you hear are my belt sander and my air purification unit. If you have questions please post them on the AGCP email list for all to reply. Please do not write me personally as there are 125 members who may have better advice than I do.

How to remove graphite shafts 

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