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The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

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New Member Introduction


The member only email list is your most valuable asset in the AGCP. Your subscription to the member only email list is operable 24/7/365 to all members around the world. Each message you post goes to all AGCP members. More about “The List” rules and courtesy here at Netiquette

Our motto is “There are no dumb questions”. We say this because even our Masters started at the bottom and knew nothing. So do not be bashful about asking questions on any level. Our members represent beginners, novice, journeymen, and Master club builders and clubfitters. Everyone is eager to help others with any question and be of help where we can.

Explore the website and spend some time learning what is there as there is a lot of valuable information there for you now that you are a Gold Member. As you would imagine Gold members get everything.

Also be sure and set up your Google Account for the email list. The Archives there have over a decade of information that has been posted by members. The archives are an amazing resource! You will see information about this at the bottom of every email with links and email addresses too.

You also have a public Forum on the website you are automatically subscribed to. Put your shop information there for the Public to see and post there anytime. This is the one place you can address our sponsors too. Sponsors are not allowed access to the private email list. We would not feel comfortable criticizing a sponsor and having them defend themselves in public so we do not allow them on the email list. You can always contact them directly and their information is posted on the website.

The guiding principles of the AGCP are based on the Mastermind Principle as outlined here Mastermind Principle

Address any questions about club making and clubfitting to the list. Keep the email list on topic about club making, club building and clubfitting only. As the Netiquette says, no politics, no jokes and no internal AGCP operations allowed on “the list”.

If you have questions about AGCP internal operations or business please address them directly to me only.



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