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Searching Email history

The most valuable tool the AGCP has is our Member Only Email List at Googlegroups. This is a closed group for AGCP members only. Over a decade of information posted on the Email list is archived at Googlegroups. Members can login and search the archives for information about any subject. Frank Hann created instructions to follow for searching the archives. See below

Search on AGCP Archives for specific topics

I sure can provide you with the details!  <Wink> It’s pretty easy – far easier than having to write out this instruction sheet.  LOL! 

The AGCP Member Email List is a Google Group.  Everyone of us has had to register within Google and Google Groups to be able to use the email capability whether we use a smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC. 

However, those that are using their smartphone for receiving the email thread on their personal email might overlook that they can search the AGCP Member Email List forum.  It is not limited to a PC computer if you have a web browser on your phone. 

    1. Go to Google on their website.
    2. Use their search bar and type in google groups login page. 
    3. Up will pop the My Groups page. 
    4. Click on the My Groups icon. 
    5. Up will pop a listing page and it will have the AGCP Member Email List.  Google Group.  This is automatically available since we did the account set-up when we arranged to receive/send email to the list.
    6. Click on the listing and it will take you to the AGCP Member Email List.
    7. Bookmark the page for quicker and easier access for all future use.  Google Group
    8. Once in the AGCP Member Email List, use the Google search bar that contains “Search for messages” 
    9. Type in a string of possible words that will cover your desired topic that could be contained in previous years of thread topics. 
    10. Hit the magnifying icon and a listing page is outlined with the possible threads that you can read/review.
    11. I like to review the topics in a separate tab which enables me to easily return to the listing page and review another thread.  This way I don’t lose the listing topics and have to do another search.
    12. If you need to drill further within the AGCP Member Email List because you did not possibly find the information, try another search query using some more/differing word string. 
    13. Also, be aware that the search bar does have a suggested listing of terms that drops down as you type within that field.  You might take advantage of that feature and preselect the query search. 

 The AGCP Member Email List site is a great way to see the summary activity of postings since the last time you reviewed it.  Highlighted threads show up as unread.  If you have already read all the postings through your email, then you can select “Mark All As Unread”. 

The AGCP Member Email List is also very convenient to fully follow the thread from its inception and not miss what has already been written.  That feature is not readily/intuitively available within our regular email and results with threads that can get very disorganized. 

Lastly, there is Roy’s List of Do’s, Don’ts & Netiquette at the top of the AGCP Member Email List.  It’s is helpful for each of us to review it occasionally.  That way we can be responding such that:

    • we don’t clutter the List and/or email with unbearably long attachments;
    • we know who is responding and to whom;
    • and what the specific topic that they are responding to. 

As Roy Nix has said, there is a treasure trove of archived information located on the AGCP Member Email List forum too! 

I hope that helps.

Best regards,
Frank Hann
Engineered Golf

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